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Late News: Yahoo Facebook Integration, YouTube Boasts of 1 Trillion Views in 2011, Groupon vs. Amazon

Yahoo has added new Facebook sharing features to its websites in hopes of giving users more reasons to return to its websites. The new set of features would allow users to share their Facebook activities on Yahoo websites. Yahoo has also added the capability whereby users have the ability to share articles they are currently reading.

Google's massively popular online video sharing platform YouTube has announced, on a proud note, that the total number of playbacks on the site during 2011 goes all the way to more than 1 trillion. Amongst millions of videos on the site, the most watched music-video was ‘Friday' by Rebecca Black, the site stated.

Groupon is going against Amazon, with the launch of what could be termed as a rather aggressive marketing campaign, urging consumers to make their purchases locally from brick and mortar shops, and not via online portals.

The Irish Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) has taken the bold step of forcing the country's largest ISP - Eircom - to stop using the three strike measure over concerns with using an IP address to identify pirates.

Japanese gaming giant Sony has apologised for the bugs that have plagued its newest hand-held gaming device, the PlayStation Vita. The console went on sale in Japan and managed to sell just above 300,000 units in the first two days of its launch.