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New Zero-Day Vulnerability Found on Windows 7 64-Bit OS

A new zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in the 64 bit version of Microsoft's Windows 7 operating system, which is capable of crashing the system and allow hackers remotely run code if exploited, reports (opens in new tab) PC World.

Security experts claim the vulnerability can be exploited by running malicious iFrame code on the Safari web browser for the 64-bit Windows 7 platform.

The flaw was first report by a Twitter user, WebDevil, who claimed that when the vulnerability causes the crash, it results in the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. This is not something one ever wants to see.

"A vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft Windows, which can be exploited by malicious people to potentially compromise a user's system," claimed the company in a security advisory.

"The vulnerability is caused due to an error in win32k.sys and can be exploited to corrupt memory via e.g. a specially crafted web page containing an IFRAME with an overly large "height" attribute viewed using the Apple Safari browser," it informed.

It is confirmed that the vulnerability affects the 64-bit Windows 7, but could affect other versions as well.