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Nvidia Announces Carma, a Tegra 3 and Quadro-based CUDA Development Platform

Nvidia has announced the availability of Carma, an ARM-based reference platform for developers wishing to investigate the potential for a combination of ARM and CUDA programming.

Based around Nvidia's Tegra 3 'Kal-El' quad-core system-on-chip design and featuring a secondary Quadro 1000M 96-core graphical processing unit capable of pushing 270 gigaflops of single-precision performance under CUDA, the board is designed to provide a development platform for coders investigating low-power yet high-performance computing systems.

Available in 'limited quantities' according to a report on Tom's Hardware, the system features a single PCI-Express four-lane connection, a gigabit Ethernet interface, a SATA connector, three USB 2.0 interfaces and both DisplayPort and HDMI video output.

Provided with the system is an operating system based on Canonical's Ubuntu Linux along with a development kit designed to make it easy for coders to implement CUDA-based general-purpose GPU (GPGU) routines in their applications.

Pricing has not been confirmed, but Nvidia claims the reference platform will become available to purchase in Q2 2012.