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Ofcom: 3 Has Most User Complaints

Telecom regulator Ofcom recently revealed that ‘3' continues to be the worst mobile carrier in the country as far as customer feedback is concerned.

According to the data released by Ofcom, 0.14 in every 1000 complaints they receive are lodged by the users of 3. The figure happens to be the twice in number than that of the next worst carriers Orange and Virgin Media.

In comparison to that, the customers of O2 seem to be quite satisfied by the carrier's service. Ofcom's figures show that only 0.02 complaints per 1000 are from O2 users.

This is however, not the first time when 3 has been virtually labelled as the worst carrier in the country from customers' point of view. The issue was brought into the company's notice earlier in September by the regulator.

The company promised that they would make every possible effort to improve on that front, and subsequently, the services did improve in the following two months or so. However, after two months of comparatively improved performance, 3's services started deteriorating once again.

"We saw a significant reduction in complaints in the early part of the summer, so it is disappointing to see these results," a spokesperson from the company stated, Mirror reports.