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RIM Not Open to a Takeover Just Yet

Amazon, Microsoft and Nokia all considered announcing takeover bids for struggling smartphone maker, Research in Motion.

Online retail giant Amazon hired an investment bank to conduct a review of a possible takeover bid for RIM, but the BlackBerry maker a=has showed no interest in being acquired, sources tell Reuters.

Apparently, RIM's board wants the company's CEOs to quickly find a solution for their dwindling sales by introducing new devices and leveraging popular services like the BlackBerry Messenger.

According to a separate report by the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft and Nokia, who are a part of a smartphone joint venture, also toyed with the idea of acquiring RIM. However, the status of the talks undertaken by the two tech giants remain unknown.

RIM is currently struggling with the failure of the PlayBook tablet device, which was not able to gain any footing in the market as RIM had hoped. The company has also failed to impress customers with its recent line of BlackBerry smartphones, which some deem not up to the mark in competition with the likes of Apple and Android.