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Samsung Dominates Smartphone Market in the UK

Korean consumer electronics giant Samsung has emerged as the most popular smartphone maker in the UK during 2011.

According to the data complied by comparison website Broadband Genie, Samsung accounted for one third of all the smartphones sold in the UK in 2011, MacWorld reports.

Even though Apple's iPhone 4S ruled the smartphone sales chart since its launch, Samsung has managed to maintain a steady momentum, emerging as the clear winner in the UK smartphone market.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese smartphone maker HTC came at the second place with a 32 percent market share followed by Apple with a 9 percent share.

Even though Apple is using its patent might to slow down HTC both in and outside the US market, there are not signs that would indicate a slowdown. The iPad maker recently won a patent battle against HTC in the US, with HTC now facing a sales ban in the US if fails to remove the infringing technology from its smartphones.

Samsung on the other hand is showing no sign of slowdown and it seems that Apple, by trying to impose bans on Samsung products, is creating curiosity among customers which in turn might be leading to increased sales for Samsung.