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Sony PlayStation Vita Sells 320,000 Units in Japan; Technical Issues Reported

Sony's PlayStation Vita has begun its journey in the handheld game-console arena on a pretty good note.

According to reports, last weekend, the PS Vita sold 320,000 units in Japan. With that figure in mind, it is quite safe to say the sales record of the device has turned out be pretty satisfactory as of now - at least in comparison to what was expected from it before the launch, reports ChannelNews.

It is important to note here, however, that right after Sony decided to ship an additional 200,000 units, sales expectations quite understandably rose too.

Even though 320,000 sales in a matter of two days sounds highly impressive, PS Vita is lagging slightly behind its rival Nintendo 3DS which sold almost 371,326 units during the same two days.

But then, Sony bosses are probably not too worried about the 3DS enjoying a lead over the Vita. Especially when there are more important things to be worried about. Early reports have hinted that some units of the newly launched console suffer from some serious glitches - glitches such as the device freezing all of a sudden, and worse even, in some cases, a malfunctioning touchscreen as well.