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T-Mobile's Survival Plan Includes Selling Towers?

Barely a month before AT&T announced that it was going to offer $39 billion for acquiring T-Mobile's USA wing, the CEO of Deutsche Telekom - the current owner of T-Mobile, and his counterpart from the mobile carrier's USA unit came up with a survival plan, according to a new revelation.

Apparently, René Obermann who happens to be chief executive officer in Deutsche Telekom, briefed the media and analysts and said that T Mobile USA was pondering over the idea of selling its 7,000 mobile phone towers spread across the country reports The Financial Times. The ultimate goal behind that desperate survival strategy was to fund investment for a brand new LTE based 4G network.

According to all the estimations put forward by analysts, the transaction could have added some $2 billion to the company's assets. The plan was put on the back burner though after AT&T announced that it was going to pay a hefty amount of $39 billion for T-Mobile USA.

However, since AT&T officially abandoned that plan, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile USA could eventually bring back the previously outlined survival strategy in to action - at least chances are high that they will eventually resort to that option.