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Thieves Steal Three Per Cent of Blackberry PlayBook Tablet Global Shipments

More than 5,000 RIM Blackberry PlayBook tablets have been stolen in the US state of Indiana, which is equivalent to three per cent of the whole global shipments of the tablet for the past quarter when RIM shipped 150,000 PlayBooks.

Police said that a tractor trailer containing 22 pallets, each with around 240 tablets, was nabbed together with a truck, while the driver went for a break at a stop.

The total shipment value of the tablets stolen could be worth as much as $3.6 million, although it is likely to bring the culprits much less.

The Canadian company shipped 150,000 during the past quarter, down from 200,000 in the previous quarter. Things look rosier though for the current quarter though, as RIM has cut the price of the tablet to as little as $199 with the company taking a near $500 million hit.

Amazon is rumoured to be considering merging with, or buying, the technology giant, which would make an odd pair given that (a) Amazon's focal point is the consumer market and RIM's is enterprise/business (b) Amazon already has tablets and is said to be planning to launch smartphones as well (c) RIM won't come cheap and Amazon doesn't have enough assets.

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