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UK Gov Shortlists 14 for Super-connected City Bids

The UK government has named 14 cities which can go ahead with their bid for money required in order to become "super connected", announced the authorities from the government.

Earlier in the year, Chancellor George Osborne announced in his autumn speech that the government was preparing for granting a £100 million fund to set up superfast 100 Mbps Internet connections citywide in a total of 10 urban regions.

All four of UK's capitals, i.e. Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London made their way into the newly laid plan. In addition, the other cities included in the visionary comprises of Newcastle, Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, Bradford, Lees, Manchester, Nottingham as well as Sheffield.

"Transforming communities into super-connected cities will enable them to compete with the world's top digital cities," Jeremy Hunt, Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport, stated, according to a BBC News report.

The government also laid out plans regarding how the cities are supposed to bid for money. The proposals to be sent by the cities must include detailed plans regarding how they intend to spend the money to set up a citywide superfast connectivity. In addition, they will also have to mention how they plan to beef up their superfast connected status.