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Unlocked iPhone 4S can be used on T-Mobile 3G Network

Some good news for T-Mobile subscribers disappointed at not having Apple's most wanted smartphone on their favourite carrier has surfaced recently.

According to Cnet, some unlocked iPhones 4S have been spotted working on T-Mobile's high speed networks, using the UMTS 1 band. Reports first appeared on T-Mobile's troubleshooting website where clients have started a support community, and share their experiences with unlocked iPhones on the T-Mobile network, even though the carrier hasn't found favour with Apple yet.

In addition, a recent TmoNews report reveals that T-Mobile is refarming spectrum in certain parts of the US, using 1900 MHz band instead of the regular AWS band of 1700/2100. Reportedly, in Nevada, parts of Northern California and the Pacific Northwest iPhone owners are picking up T-Mobile's 3G signal.

Some suggest that the fourth US carrier is getting ready to accommodate Apple's iPhones, while TmoNews comes up with the following explanation:

"In order to roll out HSPA+ 84, they need four carriers, meaning towers that the phones can connect with. (...) Incidentally, the HSPA+ 84 network will allow T-Mobile to claim that peak speeds are 10-12 times faster than 3G, if 3G is being rated as HSPA 7.2. If it was being compared to EV-DO (which Sprint and Verizon run), it would be 26-27 times faster (EV-DO peaks at 3.2Mbps)!"

However, for the time being some lucky unlocked or jailbroken iPhone 4S users can pick up T-Mobile 3G signals.

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