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US Government: Google-backed Offshore Wind Power Line Project under Review

The US government has opened an offshore wind energy project backed by Google for public comments and is planning to come to a decision within months.

According to Reuters, the US Interior Department has claimed that it would be able to give a decision on the location of Google backed offshore wind energy project and promised that such renewable energy project would not face bureaucratic blockades.

Thanks to President Obama's efforts to increase investments in renewable energy projects, the US Interior Department has implemented new measures that cut down on delays and make it easier for companies to apply for such projects.

"We will know in the next several months whether or not this applicant is going to receive the real estate to develop this transmission," said Interior Secretary Ken Salazar in a statement.

The Atlantic Wind Connection project, which is backed by Google and several of its partners including Good Energies and Marubeni Corp., seeks to supply 7,000 Megawatts of energy generated by wind farms located around the Atlantic coast.

The project involves setting transmission lines between New York or New Jersey and southern Virginia.