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US Research Team Develops Self-Healing Chip

A group of researchers have managed to develop a system that allows chips to heal themselves in cause of a fault.

The system, developed by a team of researchers at the University of Illinois, was led by aerospace engineering professor Scott White and engineering professor Nancy Sottos, The Engineer reports.

According to the researchers, the system is capable of restoring electricity to a damaged circuit, sparing users the pain that comes with getting circuits repaired.

As manufacturers continue to increase the density of a chip, the risk for damage is also on the rise. The newly developed technology could help in military or aerospace devices where on the spot manual repair is not possible.

Instead of relying on built-in diagnostic systems, the system will be able to heal itself automatically without requiring any manual assistance.

"Sometimes you just can't get to the inside. In a multilayer integrated circuit, there's no opening it up. Normally, you just replace the whole chip. It's true for a battery too. You can't pull a battery apart and try to find the source of the failure," said Nancy Sottos in a statement.