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Watch the Super Bowl Live on iPhone, iPad or Android Handset for Free

The NFL recently decided to push the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl broadcasting boundaries out of the traditional space: you will not only be able to watch the game on TV, but the Super Bowl will be streamed to mobile devices and online, as Electronista reports.

Verizon subscribers should be particularly happy about the news. The free Verizon Wireless NFL Mobile app will allow iPhone, iPad and iPod touch owners to enjoy the game on the display of their device (running iOS 4.0 or later).

Android fans will have their own similar app from the Android Market to watch the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl games, as long as they are Verizon customers. The app on both platforms promises to offer users an improved version over the TV one, with more camera angles, highlights and live stats.

Previously, NBC announced Sunday Night Football access on the web and on NFL Mobile, but the most important games remained TV only, until now.

The Electronista reviewers suggest that broadcasting the games live on the internet will appeal to certain age groups, especially younger people. At the same time, the NFL's strategy shows it has confidence in internet advertising.

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