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Why Users Unfriend Someone on Facebook? Infographic Has The Answer

A newly released infograph seeks to shed light on some of the main reasons why Facebook users decide to ‘unfriend' someone from their list.

Research carried out by NM Incite zeros-in on some primary reasons why some people get deleted from someone's Facebook friend list. The company, a part of research outfit Nielsen McKinsey, surveyed 1,865 social media users for its report.

According to the infograph (below), 55 per cent of Facebook users remove people for making offensive comments while 41 per cent do so because they don't know them too well.

Also, 39 per cent of people ‘unfriend' someone when they try to sell them something while 23 per cent remove people for making depressing comments.

The study also revealed that an average Facebook user has 130 friends in the friend list. The company said that men mostly use Facebook for careers, networking and dating while women used it as a creative outlet, getting coupons or giving a positive feedback to people.

"Research suggests that real world interactions drive online friendships. Meanwhile, sales-oriented and depressing comments help drive friend removals. Facebook etiquette also plays a role, with updating too often, too little or having too many friends a consideration for some Facebook users," NM Incite stated.