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Windows Phone 7 Tango Update a Possiblity at Upcoming CES

There is a high possibility that Nokia will launch a new Tango update for the Windows Phone 7 during the forthcoming edition of CES.

The Finish mobile giant could also present a demonstration of its highly anticipated future products Lumia 719 and Lumia 900 during the same event, more precisely on January 13 if we are to believe all the recent speculation.

Also, there are also rumours that both devices will feature the new Tango update.

The Tango update has already been deemed by many as crucial for the survival of the mobile giant in the highly competitive smartphone market. It will bring along with it LTE compatibility with a smaller screen. In addition, the update will also include in it high resolution displays, Near Field Communication support as well as Apollo adds compatibility.

"Looking a little further down the roadmap to what could be Windows Phone 8, we're hearing that the "Apollo" update is currently being slated to launch in mid-June 2012," noted Michael Kwan of MobileMag in his report.