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AMD's Chief Marketing Officer Nigel Dessau Leaves to Work on Book Project

AMD chief marketing officer Nigel Dessau has confirmed that rumours pointing to his impending departure from the company are true, ostensibly to work on a book.

"I too find myself at an inflection point," Dessau writes as part of a blog post looking into AMD's future. "While I am truly excited by the prospects for AMD, there are projects in my life outside of AMD that offer me compelling opportunities. As some of you know, one of those projects is the website The 3 Minute Mentor; I have been planning a book based on the website for some time.

"One of the site's lessons is that life is a series of choices. While making choices can be hard, it's something we all need to do. The time has come for me to choose to pursue the next phase of my career. It has been a great four years for me at AMD, and I am leaving happy with what the team has achieved.

"I will remain at AMD to assist with marketing organization transitions and the 2012 planning cycle. After that, I will put on my shades and head off into the Texas sun."

AMD has not yet issued a comment on Dessau's planned departure from the company nor named a successor for the role of chief marketing officer. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.