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Apple to Enhance iCloud with New Apps for iPhone and iPad

The fledgling iCloud service released by Apple recently, will soon be improved with new apps available for iPad and iPhone.

As the keen eye of Apple Insider noticed, Apple is looking to hire iCloud application developers. "The iCloud team is looking for proactive, creative-minded engineers to build the next generation of cocoa-based client applications that integrate tightly with a set of cloud based services," the job posting reads.

The new app developers, who will be part of the iCloud team, will be required to work closely with visual designers to ensure the best user interface for the apps, that people would "want to use every day".

One rumored application that has captured the imagination of Apple fans is the anticipated mapping service that the company is expected to add to iCloud soon.

As other job postings suggest, Apple is building its own mapping and location services for iOS devices, to set itself free from arch-rival Google. Unsurprisingly the new service is said to "radically improve" on the current mapping services available.

iCloud was released in October and has usurped Apple's cloud offering MobileMe, providing services such as Find My iPhone, Mail and Contacts, Documents in the Cloud, iTunes in the Cloud and others.

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