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Apple Losing Samsung Patent War?

Apple is beginning to lose the patent war with electronics rival Samsung, with a German court allowing the revised Galaxy 10.1 to go on sale - saying that it no longer infringes Apple intellectual property.

The fruity firm managed to win the initial skirmishes between the two companies, getting Samsung's flagship tablet temporarily banned in several countries - including Australia and Germany. The Korean mobile computing firm responded in kind, attempting to gain an injunction against the iPhone 4s in several major markets.

However, now the tables are beginning to turn. The Australian ban was recently rescinded, allowing the Galaxy Tab 10.1 to go on sale again. This new ruling from a German court is another blow to Apple, with judge Johanna Brueckner-Hofmann claiming that "the defendant has moved away sufficiently from the legally protected design."

The Inquirer has it that the redesigned version is known as the Galaxy Tab 10.1 N and features two changes to help placate Apple and the courts. The bezel has been tweaked and the speaker has been moved. Of course this isn't enough for Apple which feels that it owns the copyright for any flat screened, rounded corner tablet - though of course it was hardly the first company to release such a product.

While it seems that this round of patent battling is coming to an end, Samsung still has its attempted injunctions against the iPhone 4s to follow up on. New patents are being filed by companies every few days, which they will no doubt use to levy income or market dominance from their competitors. Licensing deals for certain intellectual properties have been a great earner for many a technology firm over the last couple of years. With the current secondary slump the global economy is nudging through at the moment, there seems no reason why it would stop any time soon.

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