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Borderless networks : What Are The Implications?

With the consumerisation of technology creating a rapidly growing mobile work culture, current security measures are becoming increasingly incompatible with network security requirements.

At ITogether, we recently conducted some research and surveyed 1,000 employees across corporate organisations, SMEs and start-ups nationwide, into the growing number of mobile devices in the workplace and found that more than half (59%) of those surveyed use their own personal mobile devices such as Android phones and iPads for work, with 61 per cent connecting them to their employers IT systems.

The majority of UK businesses do not safeguard the use of personal devices in the workplace leaving their work systems vulnerable to cyber attacks and security breaches.

One of the most common IT questions I get asked on a daily basis is; 'what is the best way to secure external access to our network?', I tell customers that borderless networks are a effective and secure way of managing your workload while mobile or in the office.

Borderless networks are a next generation architecture that integrates service routers so you can connect to your network anywhere, anytime via any device. The vast applications and functions mean you can deliver voice over internet, video, wireless connection and WAN optimisation from anywhere in the world.

Borderless networks are perfect for office moves or company expansions because the technology is flexible, secure and adaptable meaning they will grow as alongside your company.

Simon Richardson brings more than 15 years of IT industry experience to ITogether. Simon manages the overall technical strategy and service delivery of the business as well as its day to day activities and product and service portfolio. An expert in enterprise network security, Simon is focused on driving the growth of ITogether's corporate client base through its world class vendor portfolio and managed services.