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CES 2012 To Be Microsoft’s Last

Microsoft has announced that the forthcoming edition of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) will be its last ever, meaning the software giant won't be participating in the mega event from 2013 onwards.

According to the company, the primary reason behind its decision to part ways with the CES is because the show no longer fits its requirements. In addition, Microsoft also said that more often than not, the show's timing do not go in sync with its product announcements.

Microsoft has always been one of the main attractions in CES for over a long period of time now. Experts are of the opinion that the company's absence from the show will inevitably affect its charm negatively.

"We asked, ‘Are we doing something because it's the right thing to do, or because it's the way we've always done it?'?" Frank Shaw, Microsoft's vice president of communications, stated in a blog post, Washington Post reports.

Rob Enderle, a San Jose based independent high tech analyst expressed his views on Microsoft's decision by saying, "These companies don't want to be run by the show, and the show's schedule, when they know they can run their own shows".