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Firefox 9 for Android Released, Brings Revised Tablet Interface and HTML5 Camera Input

Following the release of Firefox 9, the Mozilla Foundation has launched a new version of its Android web browser - previously known as Fennec.

Now known as Firefox 9 for Android, the latest release of the browser includes some impressive new features, with a revised user interface making the browser significantly more usable on large-screen portable devices like tablets.

As with previous releases, Firefox 9 for Andrid includes support for Firefox Sync to keep bookmarks and tabs synchronised across desktop, laptop and mobile platforms, while a left panel provides a thumbnail view for tabs to make switching between pages significantly easier.

For developers, the new Firefox build includes enhanced HTML5 tools - including the HTML5 Input Tag for camera access, which allows webapps to access the microphone and camera facility built in to many tablets and smartphones.

A video demonstrating the new build is reproduced below, while the download is available here. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.