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HTC Will Remove Patent Infringing Features from Its Smartphones

Taiwan based smartphone maker HTC could soon make some changes in the technologies used in few of its smartphones in order to avoid infringing on Apple's patents.

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) announced earlier on Monday that it will impose a ban on the sales of HTC phones in the country from April 2012 onwards in case the devices keep on infringing on Apple's patents involving the data-detection technology.

HTC however, was quick to react to the ITC verdict and stated that it would remove the disputed features from its phones pretty soon. Removal of the features would ensure that HTC stays in the US market where it has done pretty well.

Analysts have predicted that the coming fiscal could see HTC registering its first profit decline, as well as the slowest annual sales growth since the 2009 economic crisis. According to some reports, the company's revenues during the next fiscal are likely to go up by 11 percent, thereby pushing back the net profit to just under 7 per cent.

"Things were going great at HTC two years ago, their products were so successful, and they were the hottest company in mobile phones," Will Stofega, an analyst at researcher IDC, said, according to an SF Gate report.

"They didn't keep the momentum going, and now we're seeing products that haven't wowed audiences as much," added Stofega.