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Huawei To Launch Its "Smartest" Smartphone Yet

Huawei has started to send out invitations for an event on the 26th of February in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress 2012, the day before the "grand messe" of the mobile world starts. The invitation says that the Chinese company will be announcing its "smartest, fastest and most high-performing smartphone yet".

Huawei already has a couple of mid-range to high-end smartphones like the Honor and the Huawei Vision.

We suspect that new smartphone will come with a dual core system on chip - probably from its long time partner Qualcomm - and the same or better resolution than the Honor (4-inch, 854x480 pixels). The Honor also featured one of the biggest batteries in any smartphone (in terms of capacity).

Like the Vision, the Honor will launch in 2012, which means that Huawei will have a bigger number of own-brand high-end smartphones.

Huawei, like rival ZTE, wants to emulate the meteoric rise of HTC, which has gone from an anonymous ODM which produced relabelled handsets for many mobile phone operators, to being one of the biggest smartphone manufacturers in the world.

The T-Mobile Rapport, which was available for around £49, is an excellent example of what the company can achieve. But it will have to work harder than its more well-known competitors in order to market itself to a bigger audience.

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