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Intel Cuts Sandy Bridge Processor Prices

Intel has let its partners know that it plans to reduce pricing on current Sandy Bridge central processors (CPU) with an expected 10-15 per cent overall reduction for i3 and i5 CPUs.

The chip giant is expected to launch its next generation processors - known as Ivy Bridge - by early Q2 next year, so it makes sense that it would want to clear back stock and encourage people to buy current generations - since many will be waiting for the next tick cycle before upgrading.

Digitimes has it that Intel is hoping these drops will also stimulate the mobile sector, helping to push some of Asus' and Acer's i5 equipped laptops. It's also expected that vendors will be slashing the prices on first generation core i5 Ultrabooks as well, bringing the average to around $800 USD in January. Prices will likely vary in Europe, but there will undoubtedly still be price reductions in this region too.

The first generation of Ivy Bridge hardware - the 22nm i5-3450 and i7-3770 - is expected to be priced between $184-332 USD.

Expect further price cuts as we get closer to launch as Intel need to get themselves clear of the older technology to make way for the newer wave of chips that will land sometime in April-May 2012.

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