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Jawbone Bags $40 Million in Funding

San Francisco based technology outfit Jawbone has announced that it has managed to pocket an additional $40 million in funding from a whole new bunch of investors.

Jawbone has already emerged as one highly respected mobile accessories manufacturer in the market. Many of the company's consumer products such as the Jawbone UP bracelet - a personal health measuring tool, has managed to develop a cult fan following from various major markets in the world.

Amongst the new entrants in the investors list are some of the big brands/names - Deutsche Telekom, Caufield & Byers, Yuri Milnr, just to name a few.

According to Jawbone, it will be provided with some crucial help from T- Mobile USA. Apparently T-Mobile will handle Jawbone's product distribution aspect. T-Mobile is reportedly planning to distribute the products of Jawbone by using its own network(s).

Jawbone announced a couple of weeks back that is offering full refunds for faulty UP bands under its no questions asked policy. Investors may have been keen on putting in their money in Jawbone not because they liked the refund policy, but because there is a great positive to the refunds as it is a sign of great customer service reports IBTimes.