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Judge Couldn’t Find Time to Meet with McKinnon

The retired judge who had previously concluded in his report that UK's extradition treaty with the US was absolutely fair, has now acknowledged the fact he did not take the pain of meeting any of the suspects who were sentenced to be sent to the US.

Sir Scott Baker, the former judge in question, had mentioned in his report that there was virtually nothing wrong in the country's current extradition treaty with the US, and that despite many claiming how the existing treaty has been always totally unfair against the UK citizens.

Sir Scott also admitted of having spent an entire week with Washington legal officials for discussing various aspects of the existing treaty. However, the retired judge did not meet with Gary McKinnon- a computer hacker, aged 45 and suffering from Asperger's Syndrome reports the Morning Star.

Mr McKinnon was accused of breaching into the US military and NASA networks and it was claimed by US authorities that because of this act there was an overall damage of near about $700,000. The US began the extradition proceedings in 2005 but without any developments.

In his defence, Sir Baker stated that he simply could not manage time to meet any of the suspects extradited. Attorney General Dominic Grieve on the other hand, said that the report submitted by Sir Baker was only aimed at offering 'guidelines'.