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Late News: Microsoft Ransomeware Alert, Facebook's Privacy Perils, Microsoft's Last CES Next Year, Jawbone Funding

Microsoft has warned users about a new ‘ransomware' scam in which hackers are using pop-up notifications pretending to be from law enforcement agencies in order to extort money from users. In a blog post Microsoft informed that the scam was quite elaborate as it was localised in several languages including English, Spanish, German, and Dutch.

Ireland's privacy watchdog has asked the social media giant Facebook to take prompt action in order to improve the way it handles users' personal data. According to reports, the Data Protection Commissioner has even set a July 2012 deadline for the company to enhance its privacy features and make changes to a dozen odd other privacy related policies.

Microsoft has announced that the forthcoming edition of the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) will be its last ever, meaning the software giant won't be participating in the mega event from 2013 onwards. According to the company, the primary reason behind its decision to part ways with the CES is because the show no longer fits its requirements.

Amazon has updated the Kindle app for the iOS, bringing new user interface enhancements and features. The update, which brings the Kindle app for iOS to version 2.9, comes with new features specific to the iPad and some with are common for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Jawbone has announced that it has managed to pocket an additional $40 million in funding from a whole new bunch of investors. Jawbone has already emerged as one highly respected mobile accessories manufacturer in the market.