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Samsung giving away 16 free apps for use with Galaxy mobile devices

Samsung unofficial news and reviews site Sammy Hub has published an article relating to sixteen free applications are now being offered by Samsung, along with how to get them if you are not in a region where they are on currently on offer.

Samsung has officially released a number of applications in Europe for their Galaxy series of products, along with the following message - ‘We are pleased to offer our users a promotion which enables them to download popular apps, optimized to their Galaxy smart device, for free.'

Samsung in the past has given away free pieces of software, but nothing on this scale before where a complete full list is featured at the end, in a table - thanks to the aforementioned site.

If these aren't available where you are around the world, the site has listed a way of getting around the restrictions to download these free items.

- Download Samsung Apps APK from here (I9100 version) and install on your device.

- Download Market Enabler (needs root) from Android Market

- Change the Market region to UK, Germany or Italy - Open Samsung Apps and accept the T&C

- You should see the game in the store (or search for it) and download it

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