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Siri Still Fussy about Scottish, Australian and Southern US Accents

Some users who bought the latest iPhone and hoped to show off the impressive voice technology have been left disappointed - if they happen to come from northern England, Scotland, Australia, Mexico as well as certain southern states of the US.

Fox News reports that Apple's star iPhone, which attracts many of its buyers by its voice recognition feature, still appears to be struggling with regional accents and dialects.

In theory, Siri should be able to support English in three regional variations of the language: US, United Kingdom and Australian (as well as French and German). In reality though, Siri finds herself, or rather himself in the UK, often having to repeat phrases like, "I didn't quite get that."

Not to mention the fact that map-related features are not available outside the US yet, or even if you live in the US and have switched Siri to the British or Aussie-English setting: "Sorry, I can only look for businesses in the United States and when you're using US English."

Without responding directly to the Fox News article or the thousands of complaints from users, Apple has nonetheless made the following statement on its website: "As more people use Siri and it’s exposed to more variations of a language, its overall recognition of dialects and accents will continue to improve, and Siri will work even better."

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