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Spotify for BlackBerry mobile phones now out of beta and ready to download

Popular music streaming service Spotify has just announced that the BlackBerry application for Research In Motion devices is now available, after only being around in beta format until now.

Spotify announced they were supporting BlackBerry handsets for the very first time back in October, where a preview release of the application was made available with all the regular features of the software found on other mobile platforms.

The RIM devices that are able to use the Spotify app are the BlackBerry Bold 9780, Bold 9700, Curve 9300, Bold 9000 and Curve 8520.

The software only supports phones running on GSM networks, where the CDMA-network phones and the Torch 9800 are not compatible.

There a good number of the new Research In Motion devices left off the list, such as the 9380 and 9650 but we expect to see some updates for this within time.

A Spotify premium subscription is required to stream music from the company's back catalogue, although there's a free 48-hour trial directly from the mobile app and a 30-day free offer when signing up to the service.

To download the app simply point the browser on a RIM handset to and follow the installation instructions.

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