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SSD Prices Falling Faster Than HDDs

The price per gigabyte of solid state drives (SSD) is free falling faster than that of hard drives, driving an increased uptake - with Thailand floods helping it along too.

SSDs have been falling in price for the past four years or so, averaging $40 per gigabyte in 2007 to around $2.50 at the end of 2011. Hard drives (HDD) followed a similar pattern, averaging $56.30 way back in 1998, falling to a much more agreeable $0.075 per gigabyte today.

SSDs are of course still far more expensive than hard drives on a per gigabyte basis, but prices have fallen far enough to prompt many to use a small solid state drive for boot and gaming, keeping a larger capacity hard drive as a storage medium. This is likely to continue next year, with VR-Zone (opens in new tab) showing a graph that claims 2012 will see SSDs reach the average per gigabyte price of $1.

The recent floods in Thailand have also been helping push people towards solid state drives, by causing hard drive shortages which have led to price hikes.

Idealo has also weighed in on the SSD price drops, saying that even before the floods they were still quite drastic, the average price going down by 7 pence per day. "However, between October 14th and the 31st there was a 10% price decrease, as prices fell at an average rate of 75 Pence per day," it said (opens in new tab).

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