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Three Preps for 4G Trials in 2012

Three has announced that it is all set to kick start a new series of tests on the new-generation 4G technology in its network during 2012.

Three has said that the tests will be carried out with the sole intention of enabling its customers have access to much faster broadband speed than what the current 3G technology has been able to provide so far.

The telecom giant also stated that it is conducting its first technical trial sometime in March 2012, on a specially arranged test network in the regions of Maidenhead and Slough. The first trial of course, as expected, will involve only select few groups.

The first technical trial, according to the company, will continue for one month, which will soon be followed by a wider and consumer oriented trial later during the year.

"With every major upgrade like this smartphone and tablet customers will find they can enjoy their devices more in more places across the UK," David Dyson, Three's chief executive said in a statement, ZDNet UK reports

"Our ability to provide all-you-can-eat data packages depends on a combination of smart network management, investment in improved technologies and the spectrum that is the lifeblood of mobile," the CEO added.