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T-Mobile, Motorola Explain Use of Carrier IQ Software to US Senator

A US lawmaker has revealed new data that shows how T-Mobile and Motorola used Carrier IQ tracking software.

When asked about their use of the controversial software by Senator Al Franken, both T-Mobile and Motorola maintained the app was not used to track users' activities, but only for getting feedback on the smartphone's performance.

Motorola stated it had installed the software on four of its smartphones offered by Sprint and AT&T - the Admiral and Titanium smartphone devices available from Sprint and the Bravo and Atrix 2 offered by AT&T.

"Motorola Mobility neither received nor had access to any data collected by the Carrier IQ software, with the exception of approximately 125 devices used for testing the Carrier IQ software implementation," the company told the Senator.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile stated it had installed the software on nine devices. The company said that the software was pre-installed and not embedded during manufacturing; this gave the app less access to user data.

The devices in which T-Mobile installed the Carrier IQ software include HTC Amaze 4G; Samsung Galaxy S II; Samsung Exhibit II 4G; LG Doubleplay; T-Mobile MyTouch and MyTouch Q for LG; and the BlackBerry 9900, 9360, and 9810, reports Phonedog.