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VMware Outs View Client for Mac, Linux

Enterprise virtualisation services provider VMware has dished out the View client to bring Microsoft Windows too Mac, Linux and the Amazon Kindle Fire while updating its VMware View apps for the Android and iPad platforms.

The VMware View Clients for Mac and Linux, which are currently available as technology previews, will allow users to access a virtual Windows desktop from anywhere they are. The apps are most suited for businesses and colleges, where there is a lot of gadget fragmentation.

The Mac version of the VMware client will come with support for the newest Mac OS X Lion, allowing users to switch between their Mac applications and the VMware virtual desktop with a single swipe at the trackpad.

The company plans to make the Linux version of the app available on the Ubuntu Software Centre, to make it easier for Linux users to download and install it. The VMware app for the Kindle Fire will also be made available on the Amazon Android App Store in a few weeks' time.

"More and more people want the freedom to choose the device that best fits their computing needs in school and into the workplace," said Pat Lee, director, end user clients, VMware.

"With the new VMware View Clients, both IT and end users win with a complete, secure and easily accessible virtual desktop on the devices that best meet their needs." he added.

Find the press release here.