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YouMail Launches Caller ID App for Android

App maker YouMail has launched a real-time visual caller ID app for Android devices, allowing users to determine the identity of an unknown caller.

The WhoAreYou, which is available for free from the Android Market, comes with real-time visual caller ID feature, which is capable of determining the name, state or city information and a photo, taken from their Facebook account or business logo, of the missed callers, even if they are not on the users' phone contact list.

The information provided by the app, which comes with meaningful data related to more than 200 million US phone numbers, allows users to decide whether they want to answer the call, block it for forever or let it go to voicemail.

Several numbers on the app's database are linked to a social profile which allows the app to display relevant information about a caller to the users.

"YouMail is focused on reinventing the enhanced telecommunications layer where services like voicemail and now caller ID are moved out of the network and into the cloud, made social, optimized for smartphones and sold direct to consumers using a freemium model," YouMail CEO Alex Quilici said.

"Our new WhoAreYou app leverages the YouMail platform, which has already supported over a billion missed calls and is handling well over 50 million calls every month." he added.

Find the press release here.