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£19.99 Logic 3 iStation TTV

The i-Station TTV (Turn To View) is an amazing accessory that would let video iPod and iPhone owners to view their videos in either landscape or portrait mode.

Once you put your iPhone, iTouch, iPod in the cradle of the i-Station TTV, the iOS device can be turned sideways for viewing full screen videos without staining your neck. The simple design and ease with which the device can be used is noteworthy.

The on-board speakers of the TTV output 6W of output, which is very high compared to the compact design of the TTV. Two such speakers make sure that you get clear and crisp audio output without any distortion. The manufacturer has ensured that the design of the TTV doesn't deviate from the standards what Apple has adopted for its iOS devices.

You may either use a AC source to power the device or 4 x AAA Batteries would do the job. The TTV not only amplifies much from your iPods, iPhone; but, it also has a Stereo Line-in Cable for playing other audio devices including iPod shuffle, MP3 or CD players Power efficient Class D amplifier for improved performance.

HMV is offering the Logic 3 i-Station TTV for £19.99 delivered.