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£34.99 ION Twin Video Camera

ION brings to you an amazing and innovative way to recording videos. Through the Twin video camera you will be able to record dual video - one of your subject i.e. your friends or family or anything you want and the second one of yourself.

To put it in other words, consider that you are sitting in a rollercoaster and are recording the entire path the ride takes. Simultaneously you will also be able to record your own reactions. Practical implementation of such a twin video camera would be in interviews or video blogs, etc.

Beyond the two cameras - one on each side, the twin camera also comes with two microphones - one on each side, allowing you to record voice as well. A tripod is also included whereby you can mount the camera and let it do its work without having to manually hold it during the entire duration of the interview.

The recorded videos can be marked and uploaded onto YouTube through a computer with great ease.

The camera is capable of recording videos at 640 x 480 resolution at 30 fps rate. The camera also boasts of 3X zoom for those close-up shots.

The Hut is offering the ION Twin Video Camera for £34.99.