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£478.98 Toshiba 40TL868B 40-inch Full-HD 3D SMART TV with Freeview HD

Christmas mood is in full swing and that is evident from the massive discounts on offer over at online shopping sites. One such amazing product with sizable discount is the Toshiba 40TL868B 3D Smart TV.

Toshiba has put in quite a few features that would garner your attention and on top of the list is the TV's 3D capability. You will be able to enjoy 3D video right in the comfort of your home. The 40-inch screen gives out Full HD 1080p output which is ideal for sports, movies, documentaries, etc.

LED backlighting system ensures great picture clarity by continuously adapting the images on the TV. The 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio and 8ms response time ensures smooth, vibrant picture with vivid colours.

The built in Freeview HD tuner lets you get started right away with some great HD content. Internet TV can also be accessed from the Toshiba 40TL868B through YouTube, BBC iPlayer and Flickr. The TV is equipped with Toshiba Places internet portal that would allow you to access a range of other internet content from Viewster, Woomi, Box Office 365 and more.

Toshiba has also made sure that the TV is equipped with latest features and for this has ensured that the TV is Wi-Fi ready and DLNA capable. The TV can also play your videos, movies, songs and would let you view images from a USB drive.

eBuyer is offering the Toshiba 40TL868B 40-inch Full-HD 3D SMART TV with Freeview HD for £478.98.