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5 More Mobile Predictions in 2012 : Windows 8 To Unify Mobile & Desktop

As a followup to the predictions that we published yesterday, here are five more that we believe will mark 2012.

6. Synchronization of devices - living in Apple's iCloud, Android's Ice Cream Sandwich and Microsoft's Metro

"As iCloud seeks to connect all of your Apple devices to enable a smooth transition and user experience, the coming year will see the unification of Android thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich and the Metro style UI across Microsoft operating systems. This will lead users to be able to switch easily from device to device, as long as they stay within their chosen eco-system."

7. Growth of Android tablets (due in part to Kindle fire)

"The Amazon Kindle Fire, a highly modified & affordable version of Android, is already a huge hit in North America. As it arrives in the UK, it is likely to continue its success in driving a captive market for content consumption. Amazon is sending a clear message to the industry that it endorses the Android platform and we imagine that future versions may become more Android oriented. For now, whilst the Kindle Fire adds to market fragmentation, it shows a positive step in encouraging Android adoption."

8. Responsive web will become more prevalent leading to the death of flash

"With Adobe announcing that they are no longer developing Flash for mobile, the battle of the web formats appears to be over. HTML5 and future web properties will become the standard, which will eventually lead to true cross platform applications and experiences. We don't believe web based apps will reach this point by the end of 2012, but it will be the start of the journey towards greater simplicity."

9. Windows 8 metro will offer a unified mobile, tablet, console, and computer UI that will create a tighter ecosystem

"Windows 8 is set to be a big driver in the wider adoption of Windows devices. Unlike other smartphone players, Microsoft is aligning the tablet & desktop offering, building a strong ecosystem through Windows 8 (Metro). We can see how consumers, prosumers and enterprise will all benefit from this cross device compatibility. The smartphone offering, helped by Nokia's efforts, is sure to follow the lead of the Metro user interface. We imagine this could take a little time, but eagerly anticipate the arrival of a Windows 8 phone later in 2012."

10. The dominance of three platforms

"2012 will be recognised as the year that the smartphone market became more streamlined. We believe that there will be just three dominant platforms in the market - iOS, Android & Windows Phone 7, which already reflect three quarters of the UK smartphone marketshare. We imagine that BlackBerry will be largely focusing on the development of its next generation platform but will ultimately continue to struggle when competing with the desktop, media and gaming associations of Microsoft, Apple and Android."