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83% iPad Owners Satisfied Reveals Survey

A new study has revealed that Apple's iPad continues to lead the global tablet market with its might when customer satisfaction is concerned.

The study was carried out by the SURL (Software Usability Research Laboratory), and according to its report 83.65 per cent of the iPad owners who participated in the study were satisfied by the product.

SURL also asked the participants in the study to rate the product. And to Apple's glory, 62 per cent of the respondents termed the product as ‘Excellent' and 10 per cent called it "Best Imaginable", whereas 21 per cent said the iPad was "Good".

Only 4 per cent labelled the product as "Fair", while the remaining 2 per cent called it "Poor".

When asked what in their opinion was the best feature in the iPad? An overwhelming majority of the participants answered that it was the wide variety of applications available in the App Store, alongside a large screen and portability.

"Many participants from the original study mentioned the lack of a camera and ability to multitask as being the LEAST liked features of the iPad," SURL stated, according to a Loop in Sight report.

"These were not mentioned as frequently in the current study, as Apple introduced cameras in the iPad 2 and made multitasking abilities available for both the original iPad and iPad 2," it added.