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Apple To Begin Construction of Prototype Store Soon

iPad maker Apple is set to begin the construction of a ‘proto-type' Apple Store in Palo Alto, it has been revealed.

According to Mercury News, the city of Palo Alto has issued a building permit on December 12 to Apple to make the prototype store at 340 University Avenue, which is close to its store in downtown Palo Alto.

The documents filed with the city authorities revealed that the new Apple Store is being designed by architectural firm Bohlin Cywinski Jackson while the total cost of the project is estimated to be at $3.15 million.

The store, which will be a "new prototype" and a "commons for (Apple's) community to gather", will have a glass roof and facade to allow natural light to come in. In typical Apple Store fashion, the design for the prototype will also feature stone and steal.

"Our Palo Alto store was one of our first retail stores when we opened it nearly a decade ago and it's been incredibly popular," company spokeswoman Amy Bessette said in a statement.

"We are planning a beautiful new store just a few steps away, building on everything we've learned from our customers in Palo Alto and around the world," she added.

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