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Apple Removes 180-Day Deadline from Complete My Album Offer

It has been a while now since the iPhone maker, Apple Inc., has been offering its moderately popular Complete My Album (CMA) upgrade program to its users. The program allows those users who had purchased single tracks of a given album, to upgrade the collection to the full album at a discounted price.

Until now the discount offer remained valid for just 180 days after the user purchased the first track from the iTunes Store. However, now it seems like Apple is removing that 180-days deadline for good.

"When you buy individual songs from any qualifying album, you can complete the album at any time, as long as the album is available for sale on the iTunes Store," Apple stated, according to a MacRumor report.

Strangely enough, the iTunes Store terms and conditions is yet to embrace that change in CMA policy. But, that's probably because Apple is yet to update the existing terms and conditions.

The CMA offering was already gaining a fair amount of popularity amongst users. But, with the 180 days deadline being withdrawn, it is likely that more and more iTunes Store customers will begin taking advantage of this offer.