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BBC Making the Switch to HTML 5

The BBC has announced its plans to change the videos on desktop and mobile versions of its News website to HTML 5.

The organisation claims that it came to the decision after conducting a study which revealed 80 percent of all videos on the web supported HTML 5.

According to an article on Electronista, the BBC has been testing the platform for a long time now and its decision to move to HTML 5 means that users will be able to watch HTML 5 videos on both Android and iOS devices.

The organisation conducted tests using HTML 5 standard on its Health section and decided to implement it across its News website after much success. The BBC had earlier stated it was using Flash because it provided adequate DRM protection to prevent people from redistributing its videos.

It seems that the BBC has gotten over its inhibitions towards HTML 5 but plans to continue to use Flash for the laptop version of its websites. The BBC has worked on creating HTML 5 based video delivery platforms in 2011, releasing the iPlayer app for the iPhone and the iPad. With many organisations switching to HTML 5, this move will hopefully prove to be a good one in the long run.