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DOS Emulator iMAME Surfaces on Apple App Store

A new app, iMAME that includes a handful of classic arcade games has been made available by Apple in its App Store.

Though the new app seems too luscious for the fanboys of the arcade genre to resist, it has been speculated that the app might not, after all, last too long in the store-shelves. And that's because Apple has already made a infamous reputation of allowing certain apps to surface in its App Store, only to withdraw them shortly after citing reasons that more or less categorize the offerings undeserving to be featured by the store.

Usually, the company's policies do not allow it to feature unofficial gaming emulators in the App Store. So, being an unofficial app itself, featuring a handful of different titles from different vendors, the app in question, iMAME, could be soon pulled out from the store by Apple.

iMAME comes equipped with a bunch of classic arcade games including the likes of Circus, Hard Hat, Side Track amongst many other. Admittedly most of these games are previously unheard of though. Nonetheless, the offering according to many experts, is too tempting for arcade enthusiasts to miss.

So, probably those who want to lay their hands on this new app in the games section of the App Store, should download it as soon as possible before it is eventually pulled out.