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ENISA Wants ISPs to Play Greater Role in Security

The European Network and Information Security Agency (ENISA) has claimed that the continent's ISPs should play a greater role in cyber security.

In its 'Economics of Security: Facing the Challenges' report, ENISA asked European Union nations to encourage ISPs to clean virus infected computers on their networks. It asked the nations to provide the ISPs with incentives for doing so.

The report went on to say that European internet service providers should collect security threats data and must form a common platform for sharing security incidents with one another in order to better secure their networks and keep a track of changing threat landscape.

ENISA said that national security organisations should make sure that this information sharing is robust and affective in securing networks Europe-wide.

"European institutions should establish a common incident taxonomy and data pool of security incidents along with their impact. On the other hand, national authorities and sector regulators should establish benchmarking methods with a view to facilitating effectiveness and efficiency," the report said.

In addition to rallying ISPs to the cyber security cause, ENISA also released security reports and recommendations for improving Maritime security and Industrial Control Systems.