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Facebook Prepares to Go Public; Microsoft and Apple Provide Inspiration

Facebook is a holding mock earnings call as it prepares to launch its own initial public offering.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Mark Zuckerberg said he has been studying how Microsoft and Apple transformed themselves and plans to implement the same thing on Facebook to make the company ever-lasting.

"There was a period in Microsoft's evolution where they said, we want to put a computer on everyone's desk," said Zuckerberg.

"That's the way that I want to run Facebook...We want to be operating in a way that we're working towards this longer vision of where we think the world should be," he added.

Sources familiar with the matter tell WSJ the company plans to file IPO papers with the Securities and Exchange Commission early next year and launch the IPO in the second quarter of 2012.

The IPO is expected to raise around $10 billion for the company and push its market valuation to more than $100 billion. Sources also say Facebook executives have been preparing scripts for an earnings call with analysts and have even prepared a mock IPO draft, which is usually prepared by banks.