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Google Adds Google+ Brand Pages to Web Search Results

Google has extended its social networking site Google+ brand pages into its search results.

The move, according to many analysts, could trigger a fresh controversy regarding what could be termed as anti-competitive behaviour shown by the undisputed king of the Internet search market.

A few months back, when Google first unveiled the brand pages, it also made available a new feature called Direct Connect. Direct Connect allowed users to find some select bands on the site by only typing a ‘+' before the brand name.

The idea failed to reach most users of the site, however. So as part of damage control, Google has included the brand pages right into its search results now. And more importantly, the Google brand pages often appears at the 2nd position in the search results - just after the company's official website.

"The creation of a page will not influence your ranking in Web results. We are always improving our algorithms to provide the most relevant search results," said a Google representative in an exclusive statement, ZDNet reports.