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Gresso Grand Premier Mobile Phone, $50,000 Price Tag

Luxury mobile maker Gresso has designed a new device for its Avant Garde collection that boasts a $50,000 price tag.

The Gresso Grand Premier is a beautifully crafted feature phone made up of 150 grams of solid gold used in the frame, keys and D-Pad along with 138.5 carat Sapphire crystals featured on the front and back. Numbers and the letters on the keys were etched by a laser, as reported by Slash Gear.

But apart a great design, the device has nothing to offer in terms of features that have become synonymous with today's mobiles and smartphones. The Grand Premier runs the S40 user interface meant for feature phones.

But then again, the device was probably not made for the masses, but rather for the super-rich looking to flaunt their wealth or simply for investment purposes.

The company known for churning blingy accessories for mobile phones, says that it has made only 30 units.

"Gold, the symbol of wealth and prosperity, is the central element in the exterior design of the Grand Premiere mobile phone. Affluence in details, made of the noble metal, add the phone more of a solid weight, which also highlights the elite and polished look of the device," said the company.