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Hackers Create Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

The official Android Ice Cream Sandwich update has yet to be released for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9. It might not be until some point next year when Samsung finally blesses the massively popular tablet device with Ice Cream Sandwich.

But that does not mean the Android hacker community plans to sit back however and watch Android fans all across the world endure the painful wait - that's precisely how the hackers at XDA reacted to the situation.

Much to the joy of proud owners of the Galaxy Tab 8.9, three XDA geniuses have come up with their own version of the Android 4.0 ROM. And interestingly, this attempt by the trio happens to be just one of many home brew versions of the Ice Cream Sandwich developed by hackers to a handful of smartphone devices for past updates.

"The bootable builds, of which there are now three, are far from complete, an update over on the site's dedicated forum notes that Bluetooth, GPS, hardware acceleration and the accelerometer are now functioning, with efforts continuing to enable WiFi," Joseph Volpe of Engadget noted in his report.